Carting Photo Gallery

Last Update: 18 Feb 2003

This section includes pictures submitted for display, showing dogs carting, drafting, hauling, parading, or pretty much anything that's dog-powered and has wheels!

To have your image included, send us email and tell us where to get the image (if it's already online), plus the information about the dog, the people, the event, etc.

To see a larger image of each picture and read more details, click on the picture!

Blossom Wilson Blossom, a 2 year old Great Pyrenees bitch, with Colette and Warrick Wilson. This photo was taken at the 1997 Great Pyrenees Club of America National Specialty. Photo by Nancy Huggard.

Zeke and Girls Zeke, a 5 year old rescue Bouvier, gives a ride to Ayecee, Shelby, and Terra. Photo by Glenda.

Noah the Collie Noah carting at the Ontario Working Collie Association Canine Activity Weekend held in May, 1997. He's giving a ride to our daughter, Devon. Photo by Colette Wilson.

Gus the Bouvier in harness Here's Gus the Bouvier in harness for the first time. He borrowed one of our harnesses at the Ontario Working Collie Association's Canine Activity Weekend in May, 1997, just to see what it was like. Photo by Colette Wilson.

Summerhill Great Pyrenees CH Summerhill's Wolfgrey Charcoal CD, VD, CGC and UCD Donnchada Gerilea Jetsafire CDX,NA,AD,CGC Photo courtesy of Lynne Gomm.

Eoan, a carting Pug CH. Kendoric's Leprechaun in Black,CD., CGC. otherwise known as EOAN (pronounced Owen). Photo courtesy of

TrulieBraw pulling the kids TrulieBraw (the only real puller) and Coffy (just tagging along) taking the kids for a spin in the wagon. Photo courtesy of Robin (

Raven and Dakota Shawna and family being pulled by Raven and Dakota. Dakota is in training so he isn't actually pulling he just thinks he is. As you can see this is an activity the whole family can get involved in. Photo courtesy of Kathy Gibson

Pepper and Renaissance cart Pepper loves the Renaissance festival and pulling her cart. This is us. She carries her supplies for the outing, and all of the 'atmosphere equipment' we need. Next year we will be an apothecary / surgeon team. Photo courtesy of Michael R. Paque

Sue Meinzinger with Parker and Pan Parker and Pan in a gig race, pulling a Sacco cart. Photo courtesy of Sue Meinzinger

Parker in a Christmas Parade Parker in a Christmas parade. Photo courtesy of Sue Meinzinger

One picture is Snorri hooked as a single in a 2 wheel rubber tire cart. Photo courtesy of Bobbi & Gary Barnes

Sigurd and Snorri hooked as a team and pulling a dog slide in spring which has a container on it for carrying soil for the vegetable garden. Photo courtesy of Bobbi & Gary Barnes

Sigurd, Snorri and Gudrid hooked as a Unicorn hitch and pulling a dog slide with fire wood in winter. This picture shows how they are connected, with 3 whiffle trees.....2 behind the rear dogs and 1 behind the front dog. With 3 dogs, you have some power in front of your rig. Photo courtesy of Bobbi & Gary Barnes

Photo courtesy of Jane Ross.

Our Pitbull "Tonshiar" with his new buckboard. The wagon was made by a retired carpenter to exact old western specifications (except for the pneumatic wheels) and it really is neat! (Note: picture is very large!) Photo courtesy of Marie.

Kody in Barrie Kody at the Barrie Winterfest in December 1998. Photo courtesy of Sharon Palmer

Kody in Barrie Kody at the Barrie Winterfest in December 1998. Photo courtesy of Sharon Palmer

Queen Lilith of Sur-Grip with her cart Here is a picture of Queen Lillith of Sur-Grip at 1 yr old. Photo courtesy of SB Video

Fuchsi Champion Zimtery Artful Dodger, called Fuchsi is my four year old miniature Long haired Dachshund. The picture was taken in June 1999 showing the first of many awards he received last year as a novice. We belong to the Natal Dog Carting Association. Photo courtesy of KRAWCZYK

Milo Milo, a Great Pyrenees, tries his hand at carting. Photo courtesy of Rusty Zielinski

Tagg gathers firewood Tagg helps bring in the firewood. Photo courtesy of Margo Illing

Thunder and Lightning Thunder & Lightning with their tandem cart; Jock and Jazz along for the ride. Photo courtesy of Cathy Comstock.

Wolf, an Alaskan Malamute, prepares for a Christmas parade. Photo courtesy of Paige Buono

Ginger with cart Ginger, a rescue Golden, looks back over her cart. Photo courtesy of Lizzi K

Jasmine getting ready to go Jasmine and crew preparing to head off. Photo courtesy of

Parker with Princess in cart My rottie, Parker is pictured in the attachment with his Dog Works cart. His passenger is a neighbors' 3yr. old who pretended to be a princess for her first ride in Parkers' cart. Photo courtesy of Sheila Cooper

Ben, cart and kids A picture of Ben pulling his wagon and taking Zack, Danielle and Sally Ann (puppy) for a ride. Photo courtesy of Stoncreek Saints

My mother, her goat, and sulky.  The picture is of my mother, her goat, and sulky. Photo courtesy of Rebecca

Vixen and Rebecca are ready to go Note, the cart is balanced so no weight is on the dog. All Vixen has to do is pull. Photo courtesy of Rebecca

Yorkie with cart Pondside Toys, breeders of Yorkies and Poms, show that these little dogs don"t lack the heart of a working dog. Photo courtesy of Roberta Malott

John carts with his Dobermans in the central UK.Photo courtesy of John

Wilbur gives MacKenzie a ride The oldest Newfoundland at the Mostabear kennel is Wilbur (Can. Ch. Woolybear's Lil Wilbur, CD, CGC) pictured here at 10.5 years young. He was recently introduced to a cart and LOVES it! The hard part is getting him to slow down. Our daughter, MacKenzie, enjoys the scenery too!Photo courtesy of Christine/Steven Grouhel

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