Tonshiar and his buckboard

Our Pitbull "Tonshiar" with his new buckboard. The wagon was made by a retired carpenter to exact old western specifications (except for the pneumatic wheels) and it really is neat!

He's a 2 year old Pitbull and he's been pulling/packing stuff since he was 10 months old. He's also an avid swimmer and appoints himself lifeguard, rescuing anything or anyone that splashes or floats off away from the crowd. This is his first wagon, he's awaiting a good harness so he can really get into it (he's sooo excited about it too!). Previously he's pulled a garden cart and a travois, hauling in firewood in the winter. When we backpack he carries his own packs and can haul about 40 lbs of stuff, although we try to keep him at about half that or less so he doesn't lag too far behind.

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