The Dogs of Newfoundland Saddlery

Gary Barnes runs Newfoundland Saddlery, which is listed on the Vendors Page. He makes the cart and harness shown in the pictures. The dogs belong to Gary and his wife, Bobbie. They can be reached at

Sigurd, Snorri and Gudrid hooked as a Unicorn hitch and pulling a dog slide with fire wood in winter. This picture shows how they are connected, with 3 whiffle trees.....2 behind the rear dogs and 1 behind the front dog. With 3 dogs, you have some power in front of your rig.

Snorri hooked as a single in a 2 wheel rubber tire cart.

Sigurd and Snorri hooked as a team and pulling a dog slide in spring which has a container on it for carrying soil for the vegetable garden.

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