My three year old dog is Vixen. Her name is Vixen because she is red like a fox. I acquired her in September, 2000 from the West Jersey Animal Shelter. She was given up because 'she keeps having puppies.' (She no longer can have puppies.) The shelter was surprised when I considered pulling on the lead a positive trait.

My friend Jake ( made the cart. It is a variation on a 19th century goat/dog sulky that my mother owns. Jake took pictures and measurement of Mom's sulky and made my bench seat cart. I will include a picture of Mom's sulky if you are interested.

I started training Vixen April 2001. She pulled me through most of the local 4th of July parade (2001). I was so proud of her and my beautiful cart.

Vixen and I after the 4th of July Parade, 2001.

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