Betty Fisher's Wagon Modifications

Last Updated: 07 September 1999

Betty Fisher kindly forwarded these photos and descriptions for me to include on the site. If you have any question, send them to Betty at

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Rainbow off to a picnic
Waiting for the parade to start
The undercarriage of the cart. We took off the original tongue, used a heavier threaded rod and made a PVC tongue.
The shaft with clip to fasten to the harness. It is just piece of the next size pipe glued in place to keep the cart from riding up on Rainbow.

I would make some changes. Although this setup hasn't caused her any problems, it is not ideal. I would have the shafts extend to the point of the shoulder and on the tongue have 2 right angles to make the shafts level. This type harness works for Rain but on the wider shouldered males you need a siwash type collar because if the shoulders are free the breast collar rides up on the windpipe, if it clears the windpipe the shoulders bind. Bulldogs are built more like draft horses than carriage horses. You can use a siwash collar without the traces for lightweight pulling.

Rain gives rides to small children up to 50 pounds with no problem. She is an avid carter, does not allow others to pass her (she uses the Look) and has taken first place in every competition she's been in.

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