Carting Activities

Last Update: 15 March 1999

This section discusses various carting-related activities you can enjoy with your dog. Please feel free to suggest additional sections, supplementary items, or correct anything I may have wrong!

  • Draft Dog Tests and Titles
  • Parades
  • Draft Work
  • Fundraising
  • Building Carts

  • Draft Dog Tests and Titles


    Parades are a tremendous way to get your carting activity some recognition, and the carts always seem to be a big hit. However, parades can be a little stressful, phyiscally and mentally, to all, so some preparation and practice is in order to enjoy it.

    More information on parades, including training tips and ideas on how to make it enjoyable can be found in Carting with Your Dog - Parades

    Draft Work

    Whether you use a cart, wagon or travois your dogs in harness can help you complete many tasks. We have often thought of hitching up one or more of our dogs to hall garbage cans to the curb. In the fall, the dogs can drag bags of yard waste or leaves to the curb. Harness them up to drag your Christmas tree to the curb.

    If you live in a rural setting the opportunities will likely be greater in number.


    Carting seems to be a popular attraction for raising funds for charities or for your kennel or breed club. People seem to find getting a ride in a dog cart almost irresistible!

    Christmas tree pulls have also been held in our area with much success. Dogs in harness pull freshly cut trees from the bush for families not inclined to drag them out themselves. Donations are then accepted for your dog's work.

    When using carting as a fundraising option liability insurance should be considered. Even the best trained dogs can have a bad day and not all children will behave in an ideal manner. In many cases, your group's liability coverage will extend to this event. You will want to confirm this before proceeding.

    Building Carts

    This is a very popular topic among carting people! Pre-built carts are often expensive. Not because you, as a consumer, are being gouged, but largely because the market is relatively small and geographically dispersed, and because a well-built cart requires precision craftsmanship and good quality components.

    It is possible to adapt commonly found items, such as a child's wagon, into a dog-drawn vehicle. I hope to have some plans online eventually. Items like electrical conduit, broom handles, and cut-up hockey sticks are often employed in these "do it yourself" conversions. Some vendors sell the individual pieces, such as shafts, pre-made to convert a wagon. This is often a good first step when finding out whether you and your dog are interested in carting.

    Be warned! Once you get interested, you'll likely want more than one type of cart or wagon, and then you need to figure out how to make your own!

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